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Wakf Commissioners in Morocco


A delegation of the Supreme Council of Muslims and the Waqf Commission of Kenya will start from Tuesday a working visit to Morocco which will be centered in particular on the exchange of experiences between the two countries in the field of the management of waqf and mosques, as well as the formation of Imams and Mourchidines and Morchidates.

This working visit will be an opportunity for the Kenyan delegation of six members to be aware of the experience gained and accumulated by Morocco in the management of waqf, mosques and religious centers and also to discuss with the Moroccan side the ways and means to promote a partnership in this vital area, as was pointed out the president of the “Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM), Yusuf Abdulrahman Nzibo, during a meeting Thursday in Nairobi, with the Morocco’s ambassador to Kenya, El Mokhtar Ghambou. “We want to benefit from Morocco’s pioneering experience in waqf management, mosques and religious centers, as well as in the training of imams and mourchidines and mourchidates,” Nzibo said. Chairman of the Kenyan Waqf Commission (Wakf Commissioners of Kenya), Zubeir Noor Hussein.

Highlighting the strategy put in place by the Kingdom to thwart the obscurantist ideology through the reform of the religious field – one of the pillars of the societal project led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI – and the training of imams, M. Nzibo expressed Kenya’s desire to take advantage of “this pioneering experience of Morocco, a country that advocates a moderate Islam”. Organized at the invitation of the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs, in coordination with the Kingdom Embassy in Nairobi, “This working visit to Morocco will be a moment of encounter, discovery, exchange and sharing of experiences, the aim is to promote the true teachings of Islam, “said Nzibo, who participated in Ramadan last month as a guest at religious talks, chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine. For his part, Mr. Noor El Hussein said he was honored to participate in this working visit, which will allow his commission to take advantage of Morocco’s experience in inventory, management and valuation of the property of the habous public.

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